On March 28th, walked into the production workshop
Seeing the workers working in an orderly manner
Machine running at high speed
Pieces of circuit boards are produced from the production line
The company mainly produces 4-20 layers of high-precision multi-layer printed circuit boards. Currently, it can produce 3500 square meters of circuit boards per day with a monthly sales revenue of about 60 million yuan, “said company manager Li Jiao.

The company’s products are mainly applied in the fields of computers, automobiles, home appliances, network equipment, etc. The main customer groups include well-known computer manufacturers such as Asus Technology, Gigabyte Technology, Huaqing Technology, and Netcom equipment manufacturers.
Why win the favor of the market?
Ling Gaosheng, a technical research and development engineer of the company, picked up the circuit board and introduced it, “The company aims at the development direction of high-density and high-precision circuit boards, strengthens technical research, and the circuit board line spacing accuracy can reach 1.5 mils, equivalent to the diameter of a hair thread. Customers can lay more lines in the limited area of the circuit board, thereby making the product more fully functional, which is the magic weapon for the product to seize the market
The foundation of high-precision products
High precision and advanced production equipment
In order to enhance product competitiveness, the company takes intelligent manufacturing as the lead, invests 300 million yuan to introduce advanced production equipment, promotes fully automated production and MES manufacturing execution management system, extensively applies intelligent robots, and strives to build an Industry 4.0 smart factory. During the production process, the automation rate of more than ten manufacturing processes such as inner layer, pressing, and drilling has basically reached 100%, “said Ling Gaosheng.
The company will officially start production in June. After production, we will strictly implement quality inspection, inspection, and sampling systems, strictly control quality, and continuously improve product competitiveness. The company will also keep up with the pace of the times, deeply expand new industries such as 5G communication PCBs, and cultivate new profit growth points for the company’s future long-term development, “said Li Jiao.