Now most of the electronic parts are almost used SMT hit a complete, even DIP parts can use PIH (Paste – – Hole) In the way when SMT play, usually a SMT line will be fast, slow domestic machine, some will add a special-shaped parts play a machine, small parts with fast machine, large parts such as BGA, CPU, connectors, slow is commonly used In domestic machine, so the general CPU and occurrence of the chips are used to play a universal machine, most of the SMT will be according to actual needs to be configured to play a machine, The purpose is to make full use of each piece-making machine to achieve the efficiency of Line Balance. Those who are interested in learning more can refer to this article on how an electronic manufacturing factory produces a piece of circuit board. In addition, not all DIP parts can be used as SMD for resoldering. Due to the requirement of temperature resistance, it must meet the packaging requirements of SMT machine. It is suggested to change SMD parts into Paste-In-Hole for reference. In this article.