Touch dimming circuit board is a touch switch, touch adjustment LED light size touch dimming circuit board solution. The induction mode of this circuit is light touch switch, there are two LED lights, light touch the first light for 1 light cold light, light touch the second light for 2 light warm light, touch the third for all out. Already has the mature development plan, mostly applies to the LED lamp, the LED makeup mirror, and so on other can the LED product above.

Function description of single-key two-way touch dimming circuit board:

1. Input voltage DC=5V, 3.7v lithium battery power supply, charging current 300ma/H.

2, the power does not work, there are two LED lights, one cold white LED1, one warm white LED2, the initial brightness of 50%. There is a touch switch K1 control, short press cycle conversion LED working mode,

Press the first LED1 light,

Short press the second LED2 light, LED1 off.

Press the third button to kill all, and then loop. Namely cold white – warm white – off standby. The LED brightness does not change during conversion. Long press the button for stepless dimming, long press the first time to add brightness, long press the second time to reduce brightness, cycle. Minimum brightness 2%, maximum brightness 100%.