Technical content of reliability test equipment_ Market report on semiconductor chip packaging test socket and probe
Some data show that compared with the domestic market, the demand for semiconductor chip bases and probes in 2019 is US $182million, accounting for only about 15% of the global market. This data is obviously inconsistent with China’s annual consumption of about 33% of the global chips. It is understood that the chip started late and has a great deviation from the high-end chip testing technology, especially from the surrounding equipment.
2019 global semiconductor chip packaging test socket and probe demand amount
As can be seen from the chart, the market is occupied by foreign suppliers, mainly Japanese, American and Korean manufacturers.
Among them, the total sales volume of domestic suppliers is about 72 million US dollars, accounting for only 5.8% of the share. The overall R & D capability and competitiveness of domestic companies are weak. Individual companies have certain technical content in certain products, but their market share is low and there is a huge gap from international giants. There is an urgent need for local enterprises to participate in international competition.
From the perspective of the whole international market, the demand for semiconductor chip test probes alone is 243 millions per year (excluding aging test probes), of which the domestic market demand is about 31 millions (accounting for about 13%); The quantity demanded in the foreign market is 182 millions (accounting for about 87%). With the rapid growth and capacity expansion of domestic chip design and manufacturing in the next few years, local demand will also increase.
Main manufacturers and shares of domestic spring test probes:
Among them, the top four domestic high-end chip packaging test probes supply about 10.3 millions (excluding aging test probes), accounting for only about 4% of global demand.
It can be seen that the market supply system is relatively scattered, and there are few domestic suppliers who can make high-end semiconductor chip probes, showing a state of separation of powers. If you seize the opportunity, you can stand out. For example, the market position of Changdian, Huatian and Tongfu micro in the packaging and testing industry. It can participate in international competition and occupy the domestic and foreign market share of competitors in Europe, America, Japan and South Korea, with great market development potential.
Overview of domestic probe packaging and socket manufacturers
Several domestic socket manufacturing companies have entered the industry earlier and have their own characteristics: relying on their own design and manufacturing capacity of testing machine, Shanghai Jiece can provide customers with overall solutions for testing sockets and peripheral equipment. Relying on the capital injection of Changchuan technology, fatdi improves the core competitiveness of the enterprise and helps the subsequent development of the enterprise. Taosheng electronics develops wafer level horizontal and vertical test cards on the basis of packaging test base products to improve market share.
The core component of the test socket is the spring test probe, and the core technology of the spring test probe is microcomputer processing ability and microcomputer processing technology. Equipment, experience and process ability are indispensable. As a result, most base probes are purchased from Japanese and Korean companies. Although local manufacturers have a certain share, the proportion is obviously low, and the development space and potential are huge.


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