The data show that compared with the domestic market, the demand for semiconductor chip base and probe in 2019 is US $182million, accounting for only about 15% of the global market. This data is obviously inconsistent with China’s annual consumption of about 33% of the global chips. It is understood that the data deviation here has a lot to do with the low level of packaging and testing of domestic chips, especially high-end chips, the late start of peripheral testing equipment and the weak technical capacity.
2019 global semiconductor chip packaging test socket and probe demand amount
As can be seen from the chart, the market is occupied by foreign suppliers, mainly Japanese, American and Korean manufacturers.
Among them, the total sales volume of domestic suppliers is about 72 million US dollars, accounting for only 5.8% of the share. The overall R & D capability and competitiveness of domestic companies are weak. Individual companies have certain technical content in certain products, but their market share is low and there is a huge gap from international giants. There is an urgent need for local enterprises to participate in international competition.