In recent years, with automatic and intelligent demand rising, robot is more and more frequently appear in our life and production, from the industrial robot, service robot to all kinds of special robot, their type is more and more diverse, more and more powerful, services become more and more wide.

But no matter how to develop the current robot, there is a current situation has not changed, is that a robot can only be engaged in a task, unable to meet the demand of multiple tasks in the field of industry and at the same time. Is such as fire fighting robots can only be used for fire, once encounter an earthquake or landslide may no longer applicable, companies will need for three kinds of disaster scenarios developed three different special robot.

So, is it possible for a robot can simultaneously satisfy three different scenarios of fires, earthquakes and landslides application requirements? Industry in order to solve this problem, most people are trying to more integrated into the same robot technology, gives a single robot more features, more broad application space and greater use of value, but the work is clearly a long way to go.

But you also don’t have to be so discouraged, because in addition to the above ideas, and produced a new solution, “machine skin!” If we can develop a “machine skin”, worn on different objects can give them different properties and functions of the robot, so whether can use the “skin” to cover all the scenarios?

Machine skin hits, all things can be a robot

It sounds very science fiction, but this is not the author’s good to be true, because the idea now has become a reality.

Recently, the r&d team of Yale university has issued such a “skin” machine, and also gives some specific application. We can see in the video, the machine skin by bubble wrapped in Trojan dolls, cylinder, waste paper and the human body, can let the Trojan doll quadruped walking, let the cylinder bubble peristalsis, let waste paper regiment to realize rolling forward and let the body posture to realize automatic correction.

Isn’t this amazing? According to the technical director said, “machine skin” software can be applied to all the items above, will be inanimate objects into a robot, the same piece of “machine skin” to different objects, can be performed, including mobile, scraping, wearable, different tasks. The realization of the function of the mainly depends on the machine use skin elasticity sheet, and the combination of a variety of sensors and actuators.

According to the video display and controller introduces, “machine skin” undoubtedly has great application potential in space exploration, disaster rescue, archaeological exploration, daily homework can play the incomparable value. But compared with the broad application of space, the author more amazed by “machine skin” Midas touch ability and the ability to change.

“Everything is for the robot”, the ability to bring the biggest change is the cognitive change, I’m afraid. In the future, people’s perception of side items will no longer be confined to only a separate items, and will be upgraded to have a variety of functions at any time. Whether it is a piece of rope, a piece of paper, a towel, can at any time into a flexible tool, the effects of such changes on people’s life will probably be subversive.

In the long run, the machine skin application prospect is worth looking forward to, if the above shortcomings can’t solve in the short term may find it hard to really go to fall to the ground. But if you want to quickly to the commercial also is not cannot achieve, pass the collocation with other technical application can compensate for some shortcomings, such as 3 d printing technology can eliminate the application limitation of hard and soft material, greatly improve “machine skin” of the space.

But taken together, the application value of the “machine skin” is likely to be in the future, when the hard and soft limits, coverage limits, materials technology limited to overcome one by one, the machine skin may obtain good application like iron man armor, become the important assistant of production and life.

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