The resonant circuit board of ultrasonic transducer is an independent drive circuit with impedance and resonant frequency, including DC power supply, switching components, voltage divider capacitor components, transformer, resonant inductor, etc., which can effectively ensure that the ultrasonic cleaning transducer can not be damaged due to voltage, the maximum output voltage is controllable, and the output voltage changes slightly with the working frequency.
The wide frequency range of the resonant circuit board of the ultrasonic transducer reduces the complexity and cost of the circuit board, and improves the safety of the circuit board. Electromagnetic ultrasonic transducer and its control method under forward resonance control. The electromagnetic ultrasonic transducer includes high-frequency power oscillation signal output circuit, coil with bias magnetic field, echo signal detection circuit and main controller; The output circuit of high-frequency power oscillation signal is composed of high-frequency inverter drive circuit, impedance matching network and static matching capacitor. The echo signal detection circuit includes high-voltage isolation circuit and echo signal filter circuit.
The main controller of the resonance circuit board of the ultrasonic transducer is used to collect the filtered ultrasonic echo signal and adjust the high-frequency inverter drive frequency according to the envelope amplitude feedback of the ultrasonic echo signal. The control method of the electromagnetic ultrasonic transducer with improved resonance control can provide the power pulse voltage required by the electromagnetic ultrasonic transducer, and the static matching capacitance and coil work in the quasi-resonant state, Thus, the maximum power ultrasonic signal can be excited in the object to be measured, and the harmonic content is small, so that the detection accuracy of the improved resonance control electromagnetic ultrasonic transducer is high