With the rapid development of the electronic technology industry, printed circuit boards (PCBs) have been printed in large quantities and then burned or discarded due to the constant upgrading of electronic products. This not only leads to a large amount of waste of metal and non-metal materials in the circuit board, but also the heavy metal and organic flame retardants in the circuit board will cause serious harm to human health and ecological environment. At present, it is difficult to recycle waste PCB resources, low reuse productization rate, high labor intensity, low technology integration, and easy to cause secondary environmental pollution.

To solve the problem of waste and secondary pollution of waste printed circuit board, the recycling equipment of green jet circuit board is used to study the metal recycling and non-metal resource utilization of circuit board. The high voltage selectors and process flow used in the recycling of waste circuit boards recover metals from the waste circuit boards by electrostatic separation. According to the characteristics of the circuit board, the efficient impact crusher is adopted to realize the effective dissociation of metal and nonmetal. By adjusting the parameters of the drum electrostatic separator, the effective recovery of the metal rich collective in the waste circuit board is realized. The recovery of copper and aluminum reached 95% and 90% respectively in the metal rich collective with -2+ 0.5mm grain size by electrostatic selection.

High voltage electrostatic separation is to make use of the electrical conductivity of materials, dielectric constant difference, so that electrostatic force, gravity, centrifugal force and other effective effect on all particles to achieve separation, with high efficiency, low consumption, environmentally friendly and other significant advantages, is one of the advanced technology of waste circuit board harmless treatment and resource utilization. The working principle of high voltage electrostatic separator, combined with the research of electric field and space charge distribution and the new progress of particle charge and dynamic process, summarized and put forward some new trends of this technology in the recycling and reuse of waste circuit boards.