Technological advances drive us to create systems that interact with the environment and then make appropriate decisions. This level of automation requires powerful hardware, which is particularly suitable for sending and receiving signals from the surrounding environment. Radar PCBA is the key hardware of this work because they help detect objects or find targets. There’s still a lot to know about these circuits, so let’s start.
What is radar PCBA?
Radar PCBA is a circuit responsible for generating, transmitting and receiving RF signals.
To clarify, it contains an antenna structure mounted on a high-frequency laminate for transmitting radar lobes generated by RF circuits.
In addition, the same antenna receives the reflected radar pulse after hitting the object, and the RF circuit analyzes it.
Radar horn PCB
Source: wiki shared resources
Generally, the rear of modern radar PCBA has a digital circuit for analyzing echo, while the RF and antenna parts are located in the front.
Basic components of radar PCBA
The basic components of radar PCB include:


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