The production process of circuit board is more complex, which involves a wide range of processes, from simple mechanical processing to complex mechanical processing, common chemical reaction, photochemistry, electrochemical thermochemistry and other processes, computer-aided design CAM and other knowledge. And in the process of production process problems and will always meet new problems and some problems in didn’t find out the reason disappears, because its production process is a kind of continuous line form, any link wrong would caused production across the board or the consequences of a large number of scrap, if printed circuit board scrap can be recycled.
Single panel process:

One-side copper clad – blanking – (scrub, dry) to drilling or punching, screen printing lines etched pattern or using dry film resistance to curing check fix plate, copper etching and dry to resist printing material, to scrub, dry, screen printing resistance welding graphics (commonly used green oil), UV curing to character marking graphics screen printing, UV curing, preheating, punching and appearance – > electrical drive, the short circuit test – scrub, dry – precoating run-off antioxidant (dry) or spray tin hot air leveling to test packaging, finished products.

Double Rigid Printed Boards:

Double-sided copper-clad boards to blanking, laminated and nc drill guide hole to inspection, deburring scrub, chemical plating (guide hole metallization) – thin copper plating (full board) – inspection scrub – > screen printing negative circuit graphics, cure (dry film/wet film, exposure and development) – inspection and repairing the plate – line graphics plating and electroplating tin (corrosion resistance of nickel/gold) – > to print material (coating) – etching copper – (tin) back to clean scrub, commonly used graphics screen printing resistance welding heat curing green oil (post photosensitive dry film or wet film, exposure, development and heat curing, Commonly used photosensitive heat curing green oil)→ cleaning, drying → screen printing character graphics, curing →(spray tin or organic solder film)→ shape processing → cleaning, drying → electrical on-off detection → inspection packaging → finished products factory. d

Process flow of multi-layer plate manufacturing by metallization through hole:

Inner copper clad double open expected to scrub, drill positioning hole to stick a photo imageable etching resist dry film or coating to resist to exposure, development and etching and film – the inner coarsening and oxidation – inner check – (outer line production of single-sided copper clad laminates, bonding sheet, plate bonding sheet B – order inspection, drill positioning hole) – laminated to number control drilling, hole inspection – hole before treatment and chemical copper plating – full board and thin copper plating coating inspection to stick to the resistance to dry film plating or coating to plating agent, the floor surface Expose → development, repair plate → line pattern plating → electroplating tin-lead alloy or nickel/gold plating → film removal and etching → inspection → screen printing solder resistance pattern or photoinduced solder resistance pattern → printed character pattern →(hot air leveling or organic solder protection film)→ numerical control cleaning shape → cleaning, drying → electrical on-off detection → finished product inspection → packaging factory.