Notes for pressing holes

1. The pressing hole can reduce the wave peak welding set by welding this kind of components. It is easy to change parts.

2. New drill bit drilling is generally adopted for pressing hole, because of the high requirement for its precision, our company’s conventional pressing hole control tolerance is /-0.05mm, and some strict ones can even reach /-0.025mm.

3. Most of the pressing holes are standard PIN PIN components, which are directly inserted in the installation without welding, and the PIN PIN will be extruded to form a connection with the hole wall.

4. It is impossible to press and control the whole hole of PCB.

Several main processes that affect the pressing hole: drilling, copper thickening, graphic electroplating, surface treatment.

The major influence on the size of the aperture fluctuation is in the electroplating process, plate thickness will also affect the compensation standard, generally with 2.4mm as the limit.

Pressing holes with copper hole thickness greater than 30um need to be evaluated before production. It needs to be operated by the plating parameters of the process, and the plating parameters need to be based on the plate thickness to diameter ratio and line width to line spacing.