Taiwan-based PCB maker Unimicron Technology has set aside a capex budget of NT$4.946 billion ($153.19 million) for 2017, according to a Digitimes report. The company originally allocated a capex budget of NT$5.009 billion for 2016, but recently increased it to NT$11.748 billion, the highest in seven years.

The article cited a Chinese-language Commercial Times report that the increased budget for 2016 and the budget for 2017 are designed to finance Unimicron’s development of substrate-like PCB (SLP) products, as well as to ramp up the production capacity of HDI boards and automobile boards at its plant in Taoyuan.

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LPKF Laser & Electronics has announced it will exhibit at the 2017 MD&M West Exposition, which takes place February 7-9 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California. LPKF, a manufacturer of laser systems for a variety of applications, will showcase its solutions for the medical device industry in booth 1650.

One of the technologies highlighted by LPKF will be laser plastic welding; a process of bonding plastic using focused laser radiation. Clean-room compatibility and hygienic, particle-free processing makes laser plastic welding ideal for the medical device industry. Potential applications range from microfluidic devices to catheters to intravenous tubing.

Another technology represented at MD&M West will be UV laser depaneling, a completely software controlled method of removing individual circuits from larger panels. The stress-free nature of UV laser processing is perfect for medical electronics applications which carry sensitive components that could be damaged by mechanical depaneling methods such as routing or dicing.

About LPKF

Established in 1976, LPKF Laser & Electronics manufactures milling machines and laser systems used in circuit board and microelectronics fabrication, medical technology, the automotive sector, and the production of solar cells. LPKF’s worldwide headquarters is located in Hannover, Germany and its North American headquarters resides near Portland, Ore.


Source from:http://pcb.iconnect007.com/index.php/article/101877/-laser-solutions-for-the-medical-device-industry-at-mdm-west/101880/?skin=pcb