Printed circuit board international fair of Taiwan (TPCA), an annual event for printed circuit boards, kicked off yesterday (24). Wu yonghui, President of the Taiwan circuit board association and general manager of jialianyi, said that thanks to the emerging application technologies of 5G, AI artificial intelligence and vehicle, the PCB market is still hot in the next three years.

Wu pointed out that the global PCB industry grew by 11% compared with last year, among which the total production capacity of Taiwan merchants at home and abroad was over 20 billion us dollars, accounting for 30% of the world, showing Taiwan’s dominant position in the PCB industry. In addition, the overall PCB industry revenue in the first half of this year has exceeded that of last year, and future market operation is very optimistic.

In the long run, the yong-hui wu believes that due to the diversified development of science and technology, such as high attention of 5 g communications and AI, main features, such as high-frequency high speed, fast operation in the special process, and high frequency materials have more strict requirements, whether it is helpful for PCB industry itself, or related industries will be able to indirectly benefit, including equipment, materials, etc. Wu yonghui further pointed out that the application improvement, demand growth, competitiveness improvement, can stimulate the market to remain active, not to mention that if the technology and equipment of small and medium-sized factories cannot keep up with the changes of The Times, the difficulty of taking orders will gradually increase, and the trend of industrial evergrande will be more obvious.

And face the environment influence, yong-hui wu believes that a trade war with China variables still not small, the electronic components are assembled in mainland China, there is no direct influence for the PCB industry, but to end products, mobile phones, computers and other consumer electronics are tax has not been included in the list, but still is the goal of high-profile, indirect effects on the whole industry exist all the time, must be careful to deal with long-term change.

More than 400 PCB related manufacturers from home and abroad participated in the 19th Taiwan circuit board international exhibition, with more than 1,400 booths focusing on AI application and 5G equipment. TPCA said, with all things networking era, high-speed networking is the inevitable trend, so the PCB industry supply chain will fully upgrade, high order materials and equipment as a hot issue, in addition, the innovation of the AI applications continues to promote the development of industry, many companies have teamed up to promote the Internet across borders, combined with the data analysis, in order to expand the field of Internet of things.