Typical applications:

Used for bonding, sealing, insulation and fixing of electronic components, inductors, capacitors, circuit boards, cables, data cables, connectors and solder joints.

2. FPC reinforcement /IC chip encapsulation UV glue

FPC reinforced UV adhesive, UV curing resin, fast fixing speed, high adhesion and bonding strength, can maintain long-term bonding, has good toughness, good elasticity, excellent aging resistance, good moisture resistance, long-term waterproof, curing process without heating will not cause damage to IC chips. Commonly used KY6012 KY6020.
A, UV glue

1. Solder joint protective adhesive

Solder joint protection UV glue, one component UV light hardening resin, with high viscosity, high toughness, good ductility and other advantages, in the ultraviolet light irradiation, can quickly hardening and produce strong and tough characteristics, after curing adhesive layer toughness, high strength, impact resistance, shock resistance, aging resistance, weather resistance can be excellent. Can protect the solder joint on the circuit board to prevent short circuit, enhance the tensile strength of the tin point, enhance the bonding strength of the tin solder joint and the substrate, excellent electrical performance. KY6020, KY6022 are commonly used.

Typical applications:

For bonding IC chips or SMDs to FPC flexible circuit boards, coating conductors, or bonding conductors to glass or PCB. Typically used in LCD LCD module, touch screen module FPC wiring reinforcement. Such as LCD module COG or TAB installation terminal moisture protection.

3. Conformal coating

Conformal coating UV adhesive, double curing mode, UV curing in transparent area at the edge, heat curing in shadow area. Protect electronic components from exposure to the environment. From the environmental factors to which they are exposed. Examples of these factors include moisture, dust, salt, chemicals, temperature changes, and mechanical wear. Features: in the ultraviolet (UV) or visible light irradiation for a few seconds, fast curing, the surface is not sticky, does not contain volatile organic compounds, without solvent treatment, dispensing or spray is very easy, electrical insulation, can be used for the entire surface of the printed circuit board or specific areas of coating, by removing the effects of environment on its.

Two, epoxy adhesive

1. PCB plate potting glue

Epoxy resin potting sealant is divided into two kinds: one component and two components. It is used for potting and sealing electronic components, with excellent high temperature resistance and electrical insulation ability, simple operation, very stable before and after curing, low shrinkage rate, good acid and alkali resistance of the cured material, excellent adhesion to a variety of metal substrates and porous substrates. KY8110, KY8210 are commonly used.

Typical applications:

Widely used in LED, transformers, regulators, industrial electronics, relays, controllers, power modules and other electronic devices. After curing, it can play the role of waterproof, moistureproof, dustproof, insulation, corrosion resistance, temperature resistance and shock proof.

2. Fill the bottom with glue

Bottom filler is a one-component epoxy resin potting material with high fluidity and purity. It can fill the bottom of CSP and BGA chips through innovative capillary action, and form a firm filling layer after heating and curing, which can reduce the stress impact caused by the difference of thermal expansion coefficient between the chip and the substrate, provide excellent impact resistance and moisture-heat aging resistance, and improve the structural strength and reliability of components. Typically applied to CSP/BGA bottom fill. KY8310, KY8331 are commonly used.

The emergence of low pressure polyamide injection molding material makes low pressure injection molding process possible. Low-pressure injection molding process is a kind of packaging process in which polyamide material is injected into the mold at a very low injection pressure and quickly solidified. It is very suitable for the rapid packaging of PCB board (several seconds to tens of seconds for rapid molding), which greatly improves the production efficiency and reduces the comprehensive production cost.