Electronic SMT chip processing circuit board packaging technology, cob packaging if the bare chip is directly exposed to the air, easy to be polluted or artificially damaged, affect or damage the function of the chip, so the chip and bonding wire are encapsulated with glue. It is also called soft encapsulation. COB package is called chip on board (COB), which is a technology to solve the problem of LED heat dissipation. The bare chip is adhered to the interconnection substrate with conductive or non-conductive adhesive, and then wire bonding is carried out to realize its electrical connection.
1、 What is cob soft package
Careful netizens may find that there is a lump of black things on some circuit boards, so what is this kind of thing? Why does it work on the circuit board? In fact, it’s a kind of package. We often call it soft package. In fact, soft package is made of epoxy resin. We usually see that the receiving surface of the receiving head is also made of this material. Inside it is a chip IC. This process is called bonding. We usually call it binding. This is a kind of wiring technology in the process of chip production, that is, on-board chip packaging, which is one of the bare chip mounting technologies. The chip is mounted on the printed circuit board (PCB) processed by electronic SMT chip using epoxy resin. So why do some circuit boards not have this kind of packaging, and what are the characteristics of this kind of packaging?
2、 Characteristics of cob soft package
This kind of soft packaging technology is usually for cost. As the simplest bare chip mounting, in order to protect the internal IC from damage, this kind of packaging generally requires one-time molding. It is generally placed on the copper foil surface of the circuit board, and the shape is round and the color is black. This kind of packaging technology has the advantages of low cost, space saving, light weight, good heat dissipation effect Many integrated circuits, especially low-cost circuits, have the advantages of simple packaging method. In this way, we only need to lead out more metal wires in the integrated circuit chip, and then hand them to the manufacturer to put the chip on the circuit board, weld it with machine, and then glue and solidify it.
3、 Application
This kind of packaging has its own unique characteristics, so in some electronic circuits, such as MP3 player, electronic organ, digital camera, game machine, etc., some circuits pursuing low cost also use this kind of packaging. In fact, cob soft package is not only limited to chips, but also widely used in LED, such as cob light source, which is an integrated surface light source technology directly pasted on the mirror metal substrate on the LED chip.