We are not too unfamiliar with drills. They are often used in our daily life and production. Ultra small drills are also widely used in the electronic industry. Recently, an ultra-fine micro drill with a processing diameter of only 0.01mm was successfully launched in Shenzhen, breaking the oligopoly control situation and becoming the world’s smallest drill. So what’s the use of a drill with only one wire in diameter? What problems need to be overcome in the development of ultra-fine micro bit? What kind of new pattern will this bring to China’s printed circuit board?
Challenge the limit of ultra micro machining, grind a sword in ten years, successfully launch 0.01mm bit
With the breakthrough of electronic chip industry in catching up with nano level in advanced manufacturing process, the corresponding printed circuit board has entered the era of micron. For ultra-high speed, multi-layer, ultra precision, a variety of materials of circuit board processing requirements have entered a period of fierce competition, but the bottleneck is the processing technology limitations, especially in the circuit board drilling is very difficult to overcome.