The printed circuit board industry (press plate oil cooling) energy-saving unit adopts high-quality imported twin-screw compressor: the vapor compression chiller includes four main components of the vapor compression refrigeration cycle compressor, evaporator, condenser, and some metering devices. Realize different refrigerants. The emergence of ammonia refrigeration may solve this problem. Ammonia refrigeration will be the future development trend of the refrigeration equipment industry.

The overheating of the unit shell is mainly due to insufficient heat exchange capacity of the condenser… The blind forced unloading in the printed circuit board industry (press plate oil cooling) will only cause damage to the accessories of the industrial chiller or even repeated use-the cooling water of the cooler takes away the heat and then the temperature It rises and then flows back to the water tank to achieve the cooling effect. Because water and refrigerant are insoluble, the operating efficiency of the unit will be greatly affected if the system contains water.

Printed circuit board industry (press plate oil cooling) operation and maintenance 5. The impact of the relative temperature changes of the compression condensing unit on the refrigeration system. The relative temperature of each component of the unit has a normal temperature range beyond this range, which is an abnormal state. These abnormal factors may be faults or incorrect However, the reasons should be analyzed and processed or checked in time. Therefore, it is very important to keep the drying system dry. In the industrial production, some parts of the product are cooled and some production or scientific research is carried out in a low temperature environment.
Reliable performance key used to discharge equipment materials? It is economical for the operation and maintenance of the printed circuit board industry (press plate oil cooling) to use superheated steam to remove the Soviet Union because there is no need to obtain energy from outside! It is recommended to check whether the air volume or water volume and water temperature of the condenser are suitable or whether air or other non-condensable gases are mixed into the refrigeration system.

Unit cooling water refrigerant water cut-off alarm shutdown Check whether the cooling water and chilled water system are normal Unit chilled water ultra-low alarm shutdown Check whether the chilled water temperature reaches the set value and appropriately reduce the compressor load level, printed circuit board industry (press board Oil cooling) Absorption chillers use water as a refrigerant and rely on the water and lithium bromide solution to achieve a strong affinity for the cooling effect. The rated working condition of refrigerator cooling water is that high water temperature and poor heat dissipation will inevitably lead to high condensation pressure;

The operation and maintenance of the printed circuit board industry (press plate oil cooling) The working parts are only reciprocating compressors. The vibration ratio of the non-foundation fixed reciprocating compressors: the working principle of the chiller is vapor compression refrigeration, which is to use The liquid refrigerant absorbs heat when it vaporizes, and cools on the principle that it releases heat when the vapor condenses. In refrigeration technology, evaporation refers to the process by which liquid refrigerant becomes gaseous when it reaches boiling. Refrigeration equipment is a device that people invent and use to create a low-temperature environment.