FPC circuit board production process

At present, the production process of FLEXIBLE circuit board mainly includes material opening, drilling, VCP, copper plating, dry film sticking, exposure, development, etching, dry film drying, decontamination cleaning, protective film sticking, lamination, pure tin, gold plating, silk-screen printing, punching, electrical testing, reinforcement film fitting, functional testing and other processes. The specific technological process is shown in the figure:
FPC circuit board clean production process control

It is a traditional habit of electroplating industry to wash plating parts by running water, which not only wastes water resources, but also greatly increases the load of sewage treatment. The following improvement measures can be adopted:

(1) Automatic assembly line operation: the circuit board is input into each sealed electroplating tank by the unwinding machine, which reduces water consumption and waste water production to a certain extent.

(2) Deionized water was used to prepare the plating bath, which reduced impurities entering the plating bath, extended the service life of the bath and reduced the amount of waste liquid.

(3) The electroplating solution (concentrated waste water) carried out by the plating part enters the recovery tank, and the plating part is cleaned with deionized water, which reduces the volatilization of the solution and prevents the phenomena of running, frothing, dripping and leakage caused by manual operation. Meanwhile, the pollution is reduced and the loss of electroplating solution is reduced to ensure the smooth production.

(4) Deionized water is used in the preparation and cleaning of the solution to avoid the contamination of impurities in the solution, extend the service life of the electroplating solution, ensure the quality of the product, and reduce the cost of wastewater treatment.

(5) Timely recovery and utilization of intermediate products and solvents in the production process greatly reduces the generation and emission of pollutants.