Waste electrical and electronic products are also growing rapidly. As the core and foundation of electrical and electronic products, the casual abandonment and irregular recycling of circuit boards has brought serious environmental problems. On the other hand, waste circuit boards contain a large number of metals and non-metals with recycling value. Lvjie environmental protection circuit board recycling equipment efficient, environmental protection, pollution free waste circuit board green processing technology. High voltage electrostatic separation technology has obvious advantages such as high efficiency, low consumption and environmental friendliness, which can effectively realize the physical separation of metal and nonmetal in broken waste circuit boards.

Circuit board recycling equipment multistage crushing and separation of metal electrostatic separation process, made up by a series of machine work, waste circuit board into the circuit board and dismantling machine after dismantling the electrical components, the rest of the material after three consecutive broken into metal and resin fiber powder mixture, and then by airflow and electrostatic separator sorting out copper powder and resin powder. Dust removal will be carried out before air flow and electrostatic separator. These are the principles of waste circuit board recycling equipment, which is mainly used for circuit board, copper clad board, circuit board and other scraps.

The circuit board recycling equipment adopts the pure physical method to solve all the technical problems existing in the industrial scale waste circuit board recycling process. The separation of aluminum alloy powder and copper solder was realized. The heavy metals and toxic substances contained in the resin powder are separated, and more than 98% of the copper is recycled, so that the separated resin powder completely meets the national plastic environmental protection standards, and truly achieves environmental protection, energy saving, scale and efficiency recycling.