Without further ado, let’s begin the installation. The whole process is very simple, just take the old one and replace it with a new one. It is also easy to remove, just need to unscrew a total of eight screws can be. Just saw PS1 handle DIY motherboard set feel some simple design, disassemble the original motherboard found that I want more, the motherboard design itself is not very complex, the key is that its reliability is relatively stable. I used to own a PS1, but for a variety of reasons I’ve been eating dust, occasionally turning out the controller to feel it and remembering the good old days. In addition, like GBA, PSP and so on, I will occasionally play. But it wasn’t enough until last year, when I saw the 8-bit hall launch several DIY retrofits, I came up with the idea of revamping the PS1 controller, but it didn’t come with the PS1 console.

As far as I am concerned, the product design of baoditang always has a retro feeling. I prefer this style of products, and I have acquired several handles before. Some time ago they finally released the PS1 gamepad do-it-yourself kit, so I went for it. After all, the do-it-yourself version of the old gamepad is perfect for a nostalgic gamer like me.

I certainly don’t want to change the way they look since they are nostalgic for the past, but this is a product from more than 20 years ago, and the shell has changed color. At the same time, after so many years, the game is played more and more, and the controller has developed more and more functions. Naturally, the buttons of the PS1 controller cannot meet the latest game, but it will be suitable and feel good.

The 8-bit PS1 gamepad DIY kit is a motherboard based on the gamepad structure of the PS1 host, which eliminates the original cable, and adds a lithium battery and bluetooth module. However, this is still the product of eight bit hall. Switch ranks the first in terms of platform support, and it also supports Android, macOS, Windows, Steam and so on.

In addition to the disassembly and installation of our simple comparison of the two motherboards, the current process compared with more than 20 years ago is naturally improved a lot, but the motherboard structure design is basically the same, to install the stability should be guaranteed. In addition, the area of key contacts is relatively large, which can also ensure the reliability of keys.

The trigger button is fixed with a snap, which ensures that the key is well aligned with the contact and prevents displacement in the heat of the game. Still want to be careful a few to these old thing nevertheless, the cause that the likelihood is plastic ageing, left card buckle is in when tear open, did.

It was a relatively easy refit, and the whole process didn’t take more than five minutes, but to my surprise, after all these years, the PS1 handle’s shell has changed color, and the buttons are still functional.

The 8-bit PS1 gamepad DIY kit mainly supports four platforms and opens in the same way as the other 8-bit gamepad, but the buttons on the PS gamepad are graphical and look a little different. Switch mode is square +Start, Android mode is cross +Start, Windows mode is triangle +Start, macOS mode is circle +Start.

Of course, we still need to pair when we connect for the first time. After power-on, long press the Select key for 3 seconds to enter pairing mode, and after the first pairing is successful, we can connect directly next time.

This modified PS1 controller connects to the Switch in the same way as any other gamepad. We tested it briefly after the connection, and the feedback from the key was naturally a familiar one. The key operation was smooth and no significant delay was found.

Since the PS1 gamepad doesn’t have a twin-stick design, we can’t play games that require frequent Angle changes, but some horizontal and combat games are fine. On Switch, the most popular horizontal versions we play are metal slug and dead cell, so we chose these two games to experience, so that we can know whether the modified controller works well or not.