Process comparison
1. Before laminating the PI ﹣ covering film with the FPC circuit layer, windows with different sizes and shapes should be cut at corresponding positions according to the circuit design requirements.
2. The traditional manufacturing method is mainly die-cutting stamping, which has the problems of low machining accuracy and high manufacturing cost. With the development of electronic circuit design to miniaturization and high density, the traditional die-cutting method can not meet the design requirements.
3. Too many stamping processes lead to waste of labor cost, time cost of loading and unloading, and cost of quality inspection, and also affect the yield of products.
4. Picosecond laser cutting process: roll to piece automatic window cutting, save time and people, improve efficiency and yield.
The most important cost analysis:
1. At present, the die-cutting cost of conventional products of large-scale factories is about 1.60 yuan / piece. This price includes comprehensive evaluation of efficiency, production capacity, wages, molds, drilling and so on.
2. The current production capacity of picosecond laser window cutting is about 7000 square meters per month (different products will have differences). There are about 13 products per square meter, that is, the monthly production capacity is 7000 × 13 = 91000 sheets / month / set
3. Using laser instead of traditional die cutting technology, the monthly output value is about 9100 × 1.6 = 145600 yuan / month / set,
Annual output value: 145600 × 12 = 1747200 yuan / year / set
4. Labor cost: one person can operate 5 sets of roll to film automatic equipment at the same time, which is calculated by two shifts. Two persons are required to operate within 5 sets of equipment, which is calculated by the monthly labor wage of 4000 yuan,
The labor cost is about 2 × 4000 × 12 = 96000 yuan / year / 5 sets.
5. Electricity cost: at present, the power of the equipment is 7000W, and the electricity cost is about 61320 yuan / year / set based on 24-hour work and 1 yuan electricity charge
6. The depreciation cost of equipment maintenance is about 100000 yuan / year / set
7. The annual net output value of each equipment of Yunteng laser is about:
1747200 (output value) – 96000 (labor) – 61320 (electricity) – 100000 (maintenance depreciation)
=1489880 yuan / year / set (net output value)
Yunteng laser company profile:
1. Established in 2013, Yunteng company is a professional manufacturer of high precision laser application equipment.
2. Set research and development, production, sales and after-sales as one of the high-tech enterprises.
3. The company has a number of invention patents and perfect market and technical support system.
4. Professional committed to high-precision laser cutting, drilling, marking, etching, marking and other laser equipment R & D production and automation applications.