Stimulated by the difficulties in arranging orders in the supply chain caused by the epidemic in 2020 and the acceleration of the pace of shangyun, the number of orders received by ODM operators is increasing quarter by quarter. Taking the L6 semi-finished products of ODM in the first quarter of 2021 as an example, the growth rate of its orders in the first quarter is 1%, but it is estimated that the growth rate in the second quarter will be as high as 15-18%. In addition to the strong growth momentum of server ODM, compared with the off-season in the first quarter, the growth rate of server brand factories in the second quarter is expected to reach 20%, including the work transfer caused by the epidemic, which not only speeds up the pace of going up to the cloud, but also stimulates traditional brand factories such as HPE and Dell to launch options other than whole machine sales, Such as the usage based leasing mode and the hybrid cloud scheme.
In particular, from the perspective of materials, although the problem of long and short materials in the server supply chain has not been solved, and the lead time of some key components remains high, manufacturers have also turned to a more flexible strategy in purchasing after the impact of the epidemic last year, increasing the supply mode from a single supplier to two or three suppliers, Avoid the crisis of being cut off. At present, the supply of parts including BMC and PMIC can meet the demand of the production line, and there is no significant chain breaking crisis in the short term.