Circuit board production will be tested in the end. The most important of all kinds of tests is electrical test, which is the original demand of circuit board. A circuit board will eventually match with electronic products. If the electrical characteristics can not meet, this circuit board is a failed product. What factors affect the opening and short circuit of circuit in circuit board production Our company has summed up some experience in production.
1. The influence of copper foil
The quality and thickness of copper foil will directly affect the opening and short circuit of circuit board. Such as: copper foil fold, copper foil and other internal debris will affect the conductivity of the circuit board.
2. Photosensitive film (resist dry film)
The quality of the dry film will affect the transfer of the line. Different dry films produce different weak differences in the process of image transfer. If the deviation is small, it will make the line open and short circuit situation enhanced. If the deviation is large, it will even make the circuit board scrap.
3. Exposure machine
The parameters and accuracy of the exposure machine also determine the percentage of open circuit and short circuit of the line. Using a more accurate high-end exposure machine, the line deviation will be much smaller.
4. Negative film (film)
This is the most critical factor leading to the open and short circuit of the circuit. The fineness of the film will determine the open and short circuit of the circuit, but it can be ignored compared with the cleanliness of the film. Whether the film is clean or not is directly related to the accuracy of line exposure. Therefore, when the film is used for line exposure, it is necessary to clean the film when exposing 2 or 3 circuit boards, which can effectively ensure that the line will not have a greater impact on the line short circuit in this process.
5. Development
This is the most direct step to affect the circuit in the darkroom. In general, it can be divided into the control of the development speed, whether there is over development and incomplete development. This will not only affect the problem of short circuit, but also affect the operation of etching and other processes, as well as the production cost.
6. Lamination
When pressing the protective film, if the circuit deviates or foreign matter is pressed in, it will also cause the circuit board to appear abnormal, resulting in the circuit board open and short circuit.
7. Etching
This is the direct operation process that affects the circuit board open and short circuit. When etching the circuit, if there is a deviation in the circuit etching, it will directly affect the open and short circuit of the circuit, and the abnormal etching will have the most intuitive impact on the product.