1. Communication between purchasing staff and suppliers
Explain in advance the inspection time, personnel composition, and the matters that need the cooperation of the circuit board factory in the inspection process. Some regular enterprises need PCB manufacturers to provide their basic information before factory inspection, such as business license, tax registration, Bank of deposit, etc., and some also need to fill in a detailed written audit report provided by the purchaser.
2. First meeting of factory inspection
Brief introduction of personnel from both sides, arrangement of accompanying personnel and time arrangement of factory inspection are the same as the routine of ISO review.
3. Review of document system
Whether the document system of the circuit board factory is complete, for example, if the circuit board factory has design and development, then whether there is a document system to form program documents for design and development activities, if there are no important documents, it is a major lack.
4. On site review
Mainly to see the scene, such as circuit board factory workshop, warehouse 5S, fire facilities, dangerous goods identification, material identification, plan and so on.
5. Interview with the management of PCB Factory
If you still don’t understand some problems in the factory inspection, you can communicate with the company’s management again to get a deeper understanding of the situation.
6. Summary meeting
Summarize the advantages and inconsistencies found in the process of factory inspection, how to change the non-conforming items, when to improve, who to complete and other information to the factory inspector for confirmation within a certain period of time.