PI refers to a polyimide resin material, which is now widely used in various fields, is a very good performance of the material, some people say that PI is a landmark material to promote the reform of electronic products. We mainly explain the position and function of FPC circuit board and PI. PI is a material that has very good heat resistance and will be used in space technology. PI has two main compatible positions on the circuit board.
1. As a PCB substrate

This is the material that most of the circuit boards are used in. The substrate mainly plays the role of strengthening and thickening, mainly because the copper foil of the circuit board is very thin and not enough to support the glue and covering film alone. In this position of use, the thickness of PI is mainly obtained by laminating multiple layers of PI, and the PI of single layer is also very thin.

PI is not the only one as the substrate material, while others, such as: PET, FR4, ET, etc., but the soft board at the time of production is affected by the material increases and sex, in order to produce the problem such as yield and efficiency in the production of FPC flexible circuit board when most are based on PI used as insulation materials, unless the customer requires the use of other materials.

2. As a covering membrane

The single-layer PI is very thin, and PI has a variety of properties, not only can withstand high temperature, in the wear resistance and insulation is also very good. Therefore, in the place of circuit board goldfinger, PI is often used as a protective film, mainly because goldfinger needs a lot of connectors to embed the number of times is variable, the use of ordinary cover film for a long time is easy to damage the goldfinger.