Nowadays, China’s development has shown a rapid progress. With the gradual improvement of my country’s economy, significant progress and breakthroughs have been made in many areas, such as trade, exploration, infrastructure, and manufacturing industries that Chinese people are proud of. They are all very famous internationally.

With excellent manufacturing technology, my country has also raised the speed of 5G construction to a world-class level. However, even if China’s 5G technology is so famous, there are still some countries that are “not at ease” about China’s manufacturing technology and have opted out of China’s 5G equipment. This country is the United Kingdom.

The British approach also made other countries incomprehensible, and the Indian media was even more blunt: The British were too naive, thinking that by stopping 5G technology, they would be able to “take down” China. In the eyes of Indians, China’s manufacturing technology is very powerful, and they are very confident in the construction of China’s 5G technology, saying that China will once again become a world-class factory with 5G technology.

After all, China is building 5G base stations almost every week, and there are still a lot of them, including a lot of parts. It can be said that when other countries are in trouble due to special times, China has already used its excellent manufacturing technology to maximize the production of 5G equipment, and it will not be a problem to occupy the global market in the future.

It’s no wonder that Indians trust China’s 5G equipment so much, and even many Indians line up overnight just to be able to buy domestically produced 5G mobile phones. It has to be said that the speed of development of our country has surpassed most countries. Although the country’s economy is not as good as some developed countries, it has also become the world’s second largest economy, which really makes the people proud.