As there are still many market variables in the near future, it is expected that the market situation in the third quarter will be similar to that in the second quarter. Among them, high-density junction boards (HDI circuit boards) will benefit and enter the peak season. The demand and crop movement rate are expected to become stronger. However, it is still necessary to carefully observe the impact of inflation, geopolitical conflict, inventory adjustment and other factors, and the outlook is relatively conservative.
1、 The carrier plate market is still a key stage.
The carrier market is inherently high threshold, and there are few enterprises that can enter. In particular, the demand for high-performance electronics such as new energy vehicles, electrification, PC computers, computers and servers is still strong. It seems that newer and more complex products will continue to promote the growth of ABF carrier content, and return the revenue to the growth track since August. Moreover, automobile PCB is the fastest growing segment track in the new energy wave.
Data shows that in 2021, the output value of semiconductor packaging substrates in mainland China is expected to account for only 15% of the global output value, and the independent leading output value is less than 2%. However, most of China’s markets are in East China, while the markets in South China and Central China are almost blank.
2、 Traditional consumer electronics are cautious, but “variable”.
Especially for smart phones this year, under the background of unclear consumer market, the demand for circuit boards required by the smart phone market should be cautious. However, with the consumer electronics warming up in the second half of the year, especially the rise of orders for consumer smartphones from Apple and Huawei, does it mean “variable”?