Circuit board factory can find and eliminate waste and reduce cost in FPC flexible circuit board production process through lean production management mode to analyze value stream map. Lean production can help circuit board factory to re-examine all activities, processes and links of FPC flexible circuit board production, remove unnecessary production links, so as to urge circuit board factory managers to eliminate waste and reduce operating costs.
From raw material procurement, production, final assembly to order delivery time, many PCB factories cannot timely control the scope, lean production management can help PCB factories timely control and adjust the delivery time in case of accidents. Kabol technology has formed a whole set of lean production management mode through many years of production, from business order placing, engineering data, production to FPC flexible circuit board shipment to achieve timely control and communication, thus greatly reducing the operating cost and ensuring the progress of customer projects.
Lean production management mode can help us simplify the FPC FPC PCB production process from order evaluation, job scheduling, to schedule delivery schedule. In terms of after-sales service, we can ensure that every step of PCB business can be valued and value can be created without being repeatedly prevaricated and wasting time. Record the production activities and continuously optimize the FPC production process and the operating cost of the PCB plant.