Why is the quality of the same FPC FPC sample often very different from different manufacturers. FPC flexible circuit boards produced by some manufacturers are neat and have excellent touch, golden face and neat reinforcement; The FPC flexible circuit board produced by some manufacturers has all kinds of problems, such as burr, oxidation, uneven reinforcement, bubble and improper pad. In fact, it’s not that the manufacturer can’t meet the quality standards. The most important thing is to maximize the interests of the manufacturer.
1. From the perspective of FPC raw materials, customers continue to reduce prices and competitors continue to provoke competition. In order to maximize benefits, FPC manufacturers have to start with FPC raw material procurement to reduce costs.
2. From the perspective of production process, FPC manufacturers still want to save the cost of copper plating and gold plating, resulting in easy fracture of hole copper, easy wear of gold plating and decline in product performance and stability.
3. In terms of manufacturing molds, although the price of slow wire walking is expensive, the stamped products are much more beautiful and have higher dimensional accuracy. Some customers open fast wire walking molds in order to save cost, so the quality difference can be seen under the microscope.
Therefore, high-quality FPC manufacturers will strictly control the raw materials, production process and molds. KABOL technology strictly selects FPC raw material suppliers and ensures that FPC flexible circuit boards meet customer quality requirements from the aspects of production control, enterprise management and equipment operation.