As the PCB line production of fine line open circuit in the making problem become the important factor of affecting the product percent of pass, usually for line qualification rate of improvement action will consider the dry film adhesion, factors such as exposure energy, from the point of view of the whole system production, flatness of the plate itself after electroplating is influence line yield a fundamental and direct reasons.

For the perforated plate with vertical continuous plating, the surface pits are the main problem point. The pits in the graphic area will lead to the opening of the line to a large extent. For example, the size of the pits fluctuates around 50um in the case of poor oiling. For the 4mil line, the impact is not big, but for the 3mil line, the impact will be highlighted. This phenomenon is attracting more and more attention of PCB factories. Therefore, this paper starts from improving the pits on the surface of electroplating, focuses on improving the qualified rate of line production, and solves the adverse influence of pits on the line production by improving the process of vertical continuous plating process.