How to achieve a simple water-based cleaning process? – heming technology

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Introduction: electronic circuit board to achieve water-based cleaning components in the current electronic manufacturing process to achieve the direction of high reliability technical requirements and safe and environmental protection operation mode. This paper discusses how to realize safe and environmental protection water-based cleaning operation mode and high reliability technical requirements in small batch and multi-variety PCB enterprises with limited resources and funds.

Water – based cleaning of electronic circuit board is the direction of high reliability and safe and environmental protection. Tend to achieve water-based cleaning need to decorate the whole production line complete facilities and processes, can well realize water-based cleaning processes and quality assurance, to realize water-based cleaning, but the current equipment condition and production can’t meet the requirements of large-scale production, with perfect equipment system, and even do not have conditions in a lot of money form water-based cleaning line, how to do?

Small batch, a variety of changes, order discontinuity of the situation of the production enterprise, but also need temperature consistent with today’s safe and environmentally friendly cleaning operation mode, to protect the operating environment and personnel’s physical and mental health, can take some simple ways to achieve water-based cleaning circuit board components.

Water based circuit board cleaning must achieve a complete process of cleaning and rinsing, because the characteristics of water based cleaning agent is dispersion and dissolution, need to cooperate with the appropriate physical force to achieve the combination of chemical force to effectively remove PCBA circuit board residue and dirt.

For this quality requirement, can set the simple way of process as a cleaning and two rinsing, cleaning for ultrasonic cleaning, can set up the need to be equipped with heating system, keep the temperature of the cleaning agent between 45 ℃ and 50 ℃, according to the requirements of the status of the dirt and circuit board, the cleaning time for 5 minutes to 15 minutes, between processing conditions were set to be pledged to residue and dirt thoroughly clean. Also set the second rinse, conditional can decorate 2 ultrasonic rinse tank as well, and even can be simplified as two sink, compressed air tube at the bottom of the tank, in the rinse, start the compressed air aeration, water will flow in bubble driven up, rinse function, need to rinse with plenty of time and DI water cleanliness, the cleaner on the PCBA circuit board through the rinse water displacement, implement rinse.
The water-based cleaning agent disperses and dissolves circuit board residues and dirt. The rinsing function replaces the cleaning agent and decomposed dirt with clean rinsing water. The cleanness of the final rinsing water determines the cleanness of the PCBA circuit board. In this simple way, the physical force of compressed air bubbling is relatively weak, so two rinses of water can be used to thoroughly replace the residue of cleaning agent.

After the circuit board is rinsed, the rinsing tank is put forward to drain the water, and finally the water is completely evaporated by drying in the oven.

The water – based cleaning process of PCBA circuit board is realized in the simple way.