The circuit board of inverter mainly includes power board, control board, drive board and panel.
A, resistance

Resistance in the circuit boards with the letter “R” said, the unit has: ohm (Ω), qian Ω (K), megohm Ω (M)

Resistance symbol means:

1. According to the characteristics of resistance value, it can be divided into fixed resistance, adjustable resistance and special resistance

2. According to materials, it can be divided into carbon film resistor, metal film resistor, wire-wound resistor, non-inductive resistor, thin film resistor, etc

3. According to installation mode, it can be divided into plug-in resistor and patch resistor

4. Divided into load resistance, sampling resistance, shunt resistance, protection resistance, etc.

Second, the capacitance

Capacitive is a kind of electrical energy storage components, mainly used for filtering, coupling, resonance, and our inverter circuit board will also use these functions, naturally, there is no lack of capacitance.

Third, inductance

Inductors (inductors) and transformers are electromagnetic induction elements made of insulated wires (e.g. enameled wire, gauze wire, etc.).

There are oscillating inductors, correcting inductors, picture tube deflecting inductors, blocking inductors, filtering inductors, isolating inductors and compensated inductors according to their USES

Iv. Diode

A diode is a power electronic device with on-off switching capability, which combines a p-type semiconductor with an n-type semiconductor to conduct when a forward voltage is applied.


V. triode

The full name of transistor is semiconductor transistor, also known as bipolar transistor, crystal transistor, which is a semiconductor device that controls current, and its function is to amplify weak signal into electric signal with large amplitude, and it is also used as contactless switch.

1) : according to material: silicon tube, germanium tube

2) : according to structure: NPN, PNP

3) : by function: switch tube, power tube, darlington tube, photosensitive tube, etc

4) : according to power: small power tube, medium power tube, high power tube

5) : according to the working frequency: low frequency tube, high frequency tube, overfrequency tube

6) : according to the structure process: alloy tube, flat tube

7) : installation mode: plug-in transistor, SMT transistor


IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor), Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor, is by the BJT (Bipolar Transistor) and MOS (Insulated Gate field-effect tube) composite consisting of all control voltage drive type of power semiconductor devices.

Seven, optical coupling

It is a device that transmits electrical signals through light. It usually encapsulates the light source (led) and the light receiving unit (photosensitive semiconductor tube) in the same shell.

When the luminator emits light, the light receiving unit receives the light and generates photocurrent, which flows out from the output end, thus realizing the “electric-opto-electric” conversion.

Eight, crystals

Crystal oscillator is generally called crystal resonator, is a kind of electromechanical device, is a small loss of electricity quartz crystal by precision cutting grinding and plated electrode welding lead made.

Nine, other composition has many pin chip, digital tube, liquid crystal display tube, relay, buzzer and so on.