First, we need to prepare a scrap circuit board, hydrogen peroxide, toilet cleaner, gloves, goggles, disposable cups, beakers and coffee filter paper.
Second, if the circuit board you are preparing is large, break it into a size that can be put into a beaker.
The third step is to clean the dirt on the surface with clean water after breaking, and then put it into the beaker.
The fourth step is to pour proper amount of hydrogen peroxide and toilet cleaner into the beaker, cover it with another larger beaker, and then leave it for one day. It should be noted that hydrogen peroxide will emit some harmful gases after contacting with toilet cleaner, so this step must be carried out outdoors or in a ventilated environment.
Step 5: after soaking for one day, there are many golden deposits at the bottom of the cup, which is the gold we want. At this time, we put on gloves to soak the circuit board in a cup of water, and then pour the mixed liquid in the beaker into another cup.
Step 6: dilute the mixed liquid in the cup with water and pour it into a plastic cup with coffee filter paper to filter out the gold.
Finally, pour the sediment on the filter paper into the cup with clear water, and we can see the gold particles floating on the water. Isn’t it very interesting? If you want to try it, remember to carry out this experiment in a ventilated environment with adequate safety measures to avoid danger.
If you need a lot of gold, you can choose the equipment to break the circuit board