The price of PCB is something that many purchasers have always been confused about, and many people would also question how to calculate these prices when placing orders online. Now we will discuss the components of PCB price together.

I. different materials used in PCB cause price diversity

Common double face plate is an example, the plate has FR4 commonly (health benefits, kingboard, guoji, three prices from the top down), the plate thickness from 0.2mm to 3.0mm, copper thickness from 0.5oz to 3oz different, all of these in the plate on a big price difference; In soldering ink, ordinary thermosetting oil and photosensitive green oil also has a certain price difference.

Second, the surface treatment technology causes the price diversity

Common have: OSP (oxidation resistance), have lead gush tin, lead-free gush tin (environmental protection), gilt, heavy gold still has a few combination craft to wait a moment, the price of above craft is more in the future more expensive.

Iii. Price diversity caused by different PCB difficulties

There are 1000 holes on both types of circuit boards. If the hole diameter of one board is larger than 0.2mm and that of another board is smaller than 0.2mm, different drilling costs will be generated. For example, the other two types of circuit boards are the same, but the line width and line spacing are different, one is greater than 4mil, the other is less than 4mil, which will also cause different production costs; Secondly, there are some do not go ordinary plate process design is also additional money, such as half-hole, buried blind hole, plate hole, press the key plate printing carbon oil.

Four, copper foil thickness caused by price diversity

Common copper and platinum thickness: 18um (1/2oz), 35um (1OZ), 70um (2OZ), 105um (3OZ), 140um (4OZ), etc. Copper foil thickness is more expensive in the future.

V. quality acceptance standards of customers

Commonly used are: IPC2, IPC3, enterprise standard, military standard and so on, the higher the standard, the higher the price will be. such

Vi. Mould fee and test stand

(1) mold costs, template with small batch general plate factory is the drilling and milling appearance, will not be additional milling side fee, in doing a large number of requirements to open the die stamping plate, so there is a set of mold costs, plate factory generally quoted in 1000 yuan upward.

(2) test fee: the sample generally adopts flying needle test, and the board factory generally charges test fee ranging from 100-400 yuan; Batch will open the test stand to test, test stand general board factory quotation in 1000-1500 yuan. such

Vii. Price differences caused by different payment methods

The shorter the payment time, such as cash payment, the lower the price.

Viii. Order quantity/delivery time

(1) the smaller the quantity, the more expensive the price will be, because even if you make 1PCS, the board factory will have to do engineering data, film production, which process is not

(2) delivery date: complete the data delivered to the PCB factory (GERBER data, number of layers of the board, board material, board thickness, what to do for surface treatment, ink color, character color and some special requirements shall be clearly written)


From the above discussion, it is not difficult to see that the diversity of PCB processing price has its inherent inevitable factors, this paper can only provide a rough price range for reference, the specific price of course or direct contact with manufacturers.

Part 2

For PCB, we have a set of valuation formula (i.e., plate utilization mode) as follows:

Its size is 1020mm*1020mm with 1 square meter plate as the benchmark

It is assumed that the PCB to be estimated is L in length and H in width. The substrate of 1 square meter can produce this board

The quantity is (1020/L+5)*(1020/H+5)=Z(i.e.

The Unit price = X/Z

X is the following price:


Price of 1L fr-1 per square meter (including processing fee): 130RMB

Price of 2L fr-4 per square meter (including processing fee):430RMB

Price of 4L fr-4 per square meter (including processing fee): 720RMB

Price of 6L fr-4 per square meter (including processing fee): 1200RMB

Price of 8L fr-4 per square meter (including processing fee): 1800RMB

Price per square meter (including processing fee): 3500RMB

Price of 12L fr-4 per square meter (including processing fee): 5500RMB

Plate layers:

The first unit price of 2 layers = (length * width *0.12* quantity + length * width *0.12*4+80)/quantity

The second unit price of 2 layers = (length * width *0.12* quantity +80)/quantity

Unit price of four-ply plate once = (length * width *0.6* quantity + length * width *0.12*6+1500+300)/quantity

2 times unit price of four-ply plate = (length * width *0.6* quantity +300)/quantity

Unit price of six layers per time = (length * width *0.8* quantity + length * width *0.12*8+1800+300)/quantity

The unit price of six layers is twice = (length * width *0.8* quantity +300)/quantity

So, many words to talk to the manufacturers!

PCB price estimation

PCB is calculated by multiplying the area of the board by the following unit price, for your reference:


General solder spray on one side :0.035/ m2

Double-sided tin spray: the thickness of 1.2 or more is 0.45/ m2

Below 1.2 is 0.41/ m2

Double-sided gold plating: thickness 1.6 above 0.48/ m2

1.6 below 0.45/ m2 M

PCB quotation includes sample and batch board quotation

Sample quotation is divided into ordinary sample and allegro

The delivery time of common model sees a layer number and decide, one side is general a day ok, two sides is general 3 days, much be about a few days to 10 days these.

The quotation is 150 yuan for one side project fee + 0.04 yuan for plate making fee/square centimeter + film fee +0.05 yuan/square centimeter.

Double panel engineering fee 250 yuan + board making fee 0.05 yuan/square centimeter + film fee +0.05 yuan/square centimeter.

Four-ply board engineering cost 600 yuan + board making cost 0.01 yuan/square centimeter + film cost +0.05 yuan/square centimeter.

The difficulty of kanban is decided, some factories also can add test fee. Test fee is 0.002 yuan/point commonly

The delivery time of allegro is shorter, but an extra urgent board will be added on the basis of the ordinary board. Double-sided one-day urgent board is generally charged 200-400 yuan/style in shenzhen, while the three-day urgent board for the fourth floor is 600-1000 yuan/style. The three-day urgent board for the sixth floor is 800-1000 yuan/style

Batch is divided into small batch and large batch

The unit price of small batch is much higher than that of large batch. For example, for double-sided 1.6mm board, it is ok to make large batch at 450 yuan/square meter. For small batch, if it is not more than 500 yuan/square meter, PCB processing manufacturers may not be willing to accept the order.