With the miniaturization of various smart products, the density of components on circuit boards is increasing. In order to improve the quality of circuit boards, strict product tests and quality inspections must be passed before they leave the factory. X-ray inspection equipment is mainly used to detect process defects of circuit boards and find out possible problems in welding.
Errors in any link in the circuit board manufacturing process will cause the final circuit board to fail to work normally. The circuit board manufacturing process includes: PCB manufacturing, device assembly and soldering. Corresponding circuit board defects can also be divided into PCB defects, device defects and solder joint defects.

Online X-ray inspection equipment has a high degree of automation and is very suitable for many aspects of circuit board manufacturing. There are many types of electronic components. X-ray inspection equipment can adjust the inspection requirements according to the characteristics of different components. Joining the production line to reduce manual intervention can greatly improve the inspection efficiency and improve the yield of component production.

Solder joint defects are a common problem in the circuit board manufacturing process. Small size and dense solder joints are difficult points for inspecting circuit board welding defects, which cannot be manually inspected, time-consuming and labor-intensive, and the accuracy is low. Only X-ray inspection equipment can be used for real-time imaging with high magnification to maximize the solder joint image of the circuit board. The limit is presented, through the early software settings, the solder joint defects are automatically judged, the location is marked, the defective products are eliminated in time, and the circuit board with the problem is subjected to secondary processing.