With the increasing competition in PCB industry, quality management is becoming the focus of PCB factory management. To do a good job in FPC flexible circuit board production process quality management and control is the fundamental to eliminate the source of manufacturing defects. “Quality is dry out, not check out” this is often called circuit board factory, but the status quo is that all quality problems are the responsibility of quality assurance, should be responsible by the quality assurance department to deal with their own seems to have nothing to do. So do FPC product quality from where to start? From the five aspects of “man, machine, material, law and environment”.

1. Personnel factors

It refers to all the personnel in the circuit board factory production, including the supervisor, production line staff, quality personnel and other existing people. People are the biggest difficulty in production management and quality management. They have different attitudes towards work and understanding of product quality. Therefore, as a leader, employees should be motivated to work and improve their enthusiasm. Should often instill the product quality consciousness in their mind, after letting the staff have the quality consciousness, must educate the staff how to do well the product quality.

The improvement of product quality depends on the improvement of the quality of every link and detail in the whole production process. Good product quality is produced, and everything is based on prevention. If you do not find out the causes of defects in each link, do not solve the problem of defective products, defective products will still occur. Therefore, “check after the event” should be changed into “proactive control and prevention”.

2. Equipment factors

Refers to the equipment, tools, measuring tools, molds and other auxiliary production tools used in the production of circuit board factory. In production, whether the equipment operates normally, whether the precision meets the requirements, whether the measuring tool is accurate, whether the mold design is reasonable, etc., are factors that affect the production schedule and product quality. Good quality production equipment can improve production efficiency, improve product quality.

3. Material factors

Refers to the circuit board factory all the raw materials for production, the quality of raw materials is an important factor affecting the quality of FPC products, therefore, to ensure that all incoming raw materials must be qualified products, raw materials into the factory must have the supplier inspection report, there must be a professional recognition sign signature, qa inspection qualified rear can put in storage.

4. Methodological factors

FPC flexible circuit board in the production process should be in accordance with the process flow, process control guidelines, production drawings, product process operating standards, inspection standards, various operating procedures. Therefore, the engineering department should be timely, accurate and detailed in the preparation of documents, so that each process staff know what to do, how to do, what standards to achieve only in this way can ensure the quality of products. Their role is to reflect the timely and accurate production and quality requirements of FPC products. Strict operation in accordance with the process flow is the only condition to ensure the quality of FPC products and production schedule.

5. Environmental factors

The circuit board factory should establish the working environment required to meet the product requirements, but also do 5S management, regional division and setting management and other work. Narrow and small disorganized workplace, dark lighting, poor access, too much noise, too much dust, etc., will affect the quality of products, improve the quality consciousness of all the PCB factory from the root, to avoid the recurrence of defective products, product quality can be improved steadily.