Circuit board

Circuit board it is more common in our daily life, electronic appliances products have, but its products are different circuit board specifications and sizes are not the same, generally speaking, it is divided according to the number of layers of words into single panel, double panel, multilayer board three categories.

Multilayer Pcb

Nowadays, there are so many manufacturers of circuit boards, which are so mixed up that it is hard to avoid impurities, dust, rosin and solder on the surface of the circuit boards in the process of production. Before we leave the factory, we must clean the circuit boards before they leave the factory, otherwise it will affect the quality and reputation of our factory. So the question is, faced with the production of thousands of circuit boards, such a large number, how to clean the circuit boards clean?

The traditional cleaning method is to use alcohol, water and other artificial cleaning, smell, cleaning efficiency is low, waste labor costs. Therefore, According to this phenomenon, Ge Neng developed an ultrasonic cleaning machine, specially cleaning the circuit board, the cleaning effect is very clean, adding washing board water, the effect of cleaning the circuit board is even better.

Songs can is how to clean the circuit boards to clean, ultrasonic cleaning machine industry leading brand, advanced technology, in the field of ultrasonic cleaning machine of seasoning for ten years and has accumulated very rich experience, break a and a technical problem, the production scale is bigger and bigger, to further improve production capacity, has won the trust of many customers.

Ultrasonic cleaner

How to clean the circuit board, the use of ultrasonic cleaning machine has the characteristics of fast cleaning speed, clean cleaning effect, but also can use ultrasonic oil and rust removal, removal of dirt and dust, wax and rosin, etc., choose song can brand, is the best choice of many customers, trustworthy.

To sum up, how to clean the circuit board clean xiaobian to explain here, if you need to understand the cleaning circuit board and other more issues please continue to pay attention to oh.