Three proofing paint brushing
Three proofing paint using brushing process is the most convenient and effective way of operation, this way of operation, for some circuit board surface components are more regular, circuit board area is relatively small, it is best on a surface, components distribution can not be too dense, different height, must ensure that the brush can be uniform, smooth brushing in every detail. According to the practical experience of off-line users for many years, Qiu Gong of three proofing paint technology department of ruitu chemical industry believes that the brushing process can be operated basically without precise equipment, which is a way of small batch, low cost, simple and random.
1. Clean the surface of the circuit board to be painted (such as dust, rosin, resin, solvent, oxide, water molecule), air dry or blow dry, preferably heating and drying, and thoroughly clean the surface of the circuit board, so as to make the effect of three proofing paint on the circuit board more lasting and stable in the future.
2. Prepare the container for three proofing paint (use a container slightly larger than the one to be painted on the circuit board, so as to ensure smooth construction and prevent leakage and sprinkling of three proofing paint). This three proofing paint is a practical three proofing paint specially developed by our company for the vast number of circuit board assembly enterprises. There is no need for proportioning and two-component modulation. It can be used directly everywhere. The three proofing paint can be introduced into the container from the barrel to avoid strong vibration, No bubbles are allowed, the amount of pouring is enough for easy operation, not too full.
3. Prepare the brush: it is better to use a harder fiber brush, which will not shed hair and can be used for a long time.
4. Dip the three proofing paint with a brush and apply it evenly on the surface of the circuit board. After brushing, tilt to make the extra three proofing paint flow out of the circuit board surface, dry and drip dry
5. After surface curing, according to the different requirements of the product process environment, it can be painted for the second time or the third time.
6. After one operation, pour the unused three proofing paint into another sealed container and keep it well for next use. Be sure to clean the container and brush with the cleaning agent provided by our company. It can also be used next time.
The three proofing paint belongs to common flammable chemicals. The warehouse or construction site should be kept away from fire source and smoking is prohibited. Ventilation and ventilation environment should be adopted during operation. It is better for operators to wear masks, gloves and other safety protection articles. The construction site shall not be operated in too humid or humid environment to avoid contact with water or other chemical solvents.