In the process of producing printed circuit boards, a large amount of waste water is generated, and the pollutant composition is complex, which is harmful to the environment. Among them, it contains a large amount of heavy metal ions and toxic substances. If not handled properly, it will cause serious harm. Studies have shown that in the MBR process to treat printed circuit board wastewater, the high concentration of copper ions and degreased organics should be settled first, then enter the adjustment tank to adjust the water quality, and finally enter the reaction tank and membrane system.

The content of COD in the wastewater quality of printed circuit boards is higher, which requires higher sludge concentration to improve treatment efficiency. However, the conventionally used hollow fiber membrane modules run for a long time under the conditions of high sludge concentration, and are extremely prone to entanglement and wire breakage, which leads to difficult maintenance and short service life. At this time, it is a better choice to adopt MBR flat membrane that can withstand higher sludge concentration, which can improve the treatment efficiency of the system, ensure the quality of the effluent, and maintain the stable operation of the system.

Flat membrane module is a new type of core component used in membrane bioreactor (MBR) membrane system. It consists of flat membrane elements, membrane support frame, and aeration system. The aeration system at the bottom of the membrane group can send the air sent into the air-water mixing space through the aeration tube, and reach the membrane part after being evenly mixed. The guide rails of the membrane frame fix the flat membrane evenly, so that each membrane element Can get effective air and water washing. The structural design of the MBR flat membrane is more conducive to cleaning the surface of the dirt, pollution resistance, and long-term stable operation. In addition, the structure of the MBR flat membrane is simple, which makes it easy to clean or replace the membrane offline.

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