In view of the circuit board factory inventory management system is not perfect, improve the management system. Circuit board factory first need to establish and improve the post responsibility management system, strengthen the dynamic management of warehouse materials. The main businesses in the circuit board factory inventory procurement process include the submission of requisitions, signing of procurement contracts, ordering, receiving and accounting, etc. These businesses need to carry out separation of duties and clarify the responsibility system.

Strengthen the awareness and quality of the inventory management of the circuit board factory, improve the financial management level of the circuit board factory, the circuit board factory should establish the people-oriented concept, encourage the current staff of the circuit board factory to participate in various skills training and examination. Strengthen the inventory accounting management of circuit board factory, on the one hand, the inventory accounting and management. Circuit board factory, on the other hand, should also pay special attention to set up the mechanism of application, the cost structure of the circuit board factory inventory, funds usage, such as the use of funds to carry on the supervision and control, under certain conditions, the irregular of circuit board factory inventory management to conduct a comprehensive or special analysis and control, this needs be planning, inventory control inventory levels, reduce capital takes up, to optimize the inventory and cost of inventory control in advance.

Strict implementation of the circuit board factory system, in the development of the management system, according to the actual work of circuit board factory to improve, and strict implementation. Only by strengthening the implementation of the system can the system work, otherwise, it will be counterproductive, not only waste resources, but also affect the attitude of employees.