The circuit board is particularly sensitive. If the potting glue is not used in the manufacturing process, once it experiences turbulence, it is easy to vibrate and collide with the electronic components, resulting in electric shock reaction. This situation is a fatal blow to the electrical appliances, so in the production process, the circuit board will be potted with glue, how about the performance of the circuit board potting glue?
How about the performance of circuit board potting adhesive?
1. After curing, the potting adhesive of circuit board has elasticity, which can prevent the circuit board from displacement and damage in the process of vibration. Although the cured glue belongs to elastic colloid, which plays a protective role, the colloid will not deform and crack, and the circuit board has problems, so it is easy to break and replace, and it is very convenient to use.
2. After curing, the circuit board potting adhesive can not only play the role of insulation and heat dissipation, but also has good moisture-proof and waterproof properties. Even if the electrical parts infiltrate some water, because the circuit board is protected, the waterproof performance plays an important role, and there will be no power connection or other problems, which can ensure the normal use of electrical appliances.
3. After using the potting glue, the circuit board can also resist ultraviolet radiation, especially in the harsh environment, because the weather resistance is good, and the glue is not easy to turn yellow and change color.
How to guarantee the performance of circuit board potting adhesive?
Overall, the performance of the circuit board sealing adhesive is good. In any aspect, it meets the requirements of modern use safety. However, in order to guarantee the performance, it must meet the requirements of environmental protection level, otherwise everything is empty talk. At present, brand products not only have guaranteed various performance, but also can meet the requirements of environmental protection level. For example, kosmoore focuses on the research of circuit board sealing adhesive, and provides customized application solutions for circuit board sealing adhesive. It is widely used in new energy, military industry, medical treatment, aviation, ship, electronics, automobile, instrument, power supply, high-speed rail and other industries.