The advantage of the innocuous treatment technology of the circuit board recycling equipment is that the epoxy resin is recovered, which not only avoids the pollution caused by the burning of organic matter, but also comprehensively recovers the epoxy resin. Circuit boards are the basic materials of electronic appliances, and China has become a major manufacturer of circuit boards. In the production and manufacturing process of copper clad boards and printed circuit boards, the quantity of defective products and scrap materials increases year by year. At the same time, with the domestic electrical appliances have entered the peak of scrap, the number of waste circuit boards is increasing rapidly. Therefore, research and development of innocuous treatment of waste circuit board technology has become a major issue in the field of renewable resources.
Circuit board recovery equipment harmless processing technology, physical method is the use of mechanical means and PCB physical properties of the different methods to achieve recovery. The purpose of crushing is to dissociate the metal and organic matter in the waste circuit board as much as possible, so as to improve the sorting efficiency. It is found that when the metal is broken at 0.6mm, the metal can basically reach 100% dissociation, but the choice of crushing mode and series depends on the subsequent process. Separation is to use the material density, particle size, electrical conductivity, magnetic conductivity and surface properties and other physical properties of the difference to achieve separation.
Reasonable sorting production process of circuit board recovery equipment: the raw materials can be recycled to the mixture of precious metals and non-metallic powders mainly composed of copper by the processes of shredding, rough breaking, crushing, air separation, vibration separation and separation, and environmental protection treatment. Dust and waste gas formed in the process of processing are collected in an orderly manner and unified dust removal and waste gas purification treatment, and air discharge after environmental protection standards.
Waste household appliances dismantling of the circuit board, computer boards, TV board, mobile phone board, copper clad, PCB and electronic waste containing metal, not only contains aluminum, copper, iron, nickel, lead, tin and zinc and other common metal, also contain gold, palladium, platinum, silver and other precious metals and rare metal elements, not only the use of recycling degree is high, on the other hand use physical method to realize recycling use effectiveness can thoroughly solve the problem of environmental pollution, has the crucial value of green economy