1、 The MWe gold product line has been extended to 1250W
Recently, the most popular hardware product is i9-11900k. After avx-512 instruction set is added to this processor, the power consumption under high load has reached an unprecedented level, and the toaster can easily exceed 300W.
In the field of graphics card, during the new generation of NVIDIA, the TDP of RTX 3090 public version is as high as 350W, and all kinds of non-public breaking 400W are everywhere. If you want to install a high configuration computer, 800W rated power supply is the most basic requirement.
Of course, if you have other needs, 800W power is not enough. For high-end players, it is necessary to pay attention to some power supplies with rated power above kW.
Recently, cool updated its MWe gold product line and launched two gold medal power supply models of 1050W and 1250W. We received MWe gold V2 1250W.
MWe gold V2 1250W power supply adopts full module design and has passed 80plus gold medal certification. Under typical load conditions, the conversion efficiency can reach 92 ~ 93%.
In terms of workmanship, MWe gold V2 1250W adopts full bridge LLC technology, with a Japanese capacitor inside and a 140mm FDB fan. The full load noise is less than 30 dB, and it stops intelligently when the load is less than 40% (500W).
Now the vast majority of kilowatt power supply on the market are using dual or multi-channel 12V output. Multi channel output can reduce the design difficulty and material requirements of the power supply, but the disadvantage is that it can not meet the power supply requirements when encountering high power consumption products (such as tearing 3990x full load will exceed 700W, dual 1200W power supply is difficult to provide enough power, let alone multi-channel).
MWe gold V2 1250W power supply adopts single channel 12V output, 12V output current 104a, which can provide 1248w power, almost equivalent to 1250W rated power, very excellent (generally speaking, 12V output power reaches 90% of rated power, even qualified).
The parameters of MWe gold V2 1250W power supply are as follows:
You can see a lot of information from the name plate.
Support 100 ~ 240V wide input.
Single 12V output design, maximum current 104a, 12V output power 1248w, almost 100% of the rated power.
Such a strong single channel output power, the future is 64 core thread Ripper 5990x limit overclocking is not to mention.
Full module design.
On the top left is the 18 + 8pin motherboard power supply interface.
At the bottom left are four groups of large 5pin SATA output interfaces, which can support up to 16 hard disks.
On the right side are six groups of CPU / PCIe universal output interfaces. You can choose the 2 + 4 or 1 + 5 output scheme, that is to say, you can connect up to five power lines of the graphics card. If it is a single 8pin power supply RTX 3060 Ti, you can connect up to 10 power lines.