1, more flexible plate structure

Although in principle combined with hard and soft board can use all sorts of cascade structure, but if failed to think carefully about PCB PCB manufacturer production steps and material properties, its cost would be ridiculously expensive. Flexible circuit design is an important consideration, to understand the circuit when bending material can withstand pressure. After repeatedly to bend, copper will hardening and produce fatigue fracture. Ease the problem of a kind of method is to use a single flexible circuit structure, in this way, the copper in the center of the bending radius, film plate and the cover layer absorbs the maximum compressive and tensile stress. Because of the polyimide has good elasticity, so the question is not big. Pater PCB small make up think, more than copper layer structure, single copper sheet structure can have a longer life cycle in repeated movement.

Repeating the winding circuit to need, it is best to use the single flexible structure, and using the RA copper to increase fatigue life.

Similarly, multiple independent flexible circuits are usually also is very be necessary, but it is best to avoid the overlap bending, because of the length of the flexible part will limit bending radius.

2, plastic beads

In FPC flexible plate out of rigid plate area need to consider to strengthen its fastness, epoxy resin, acrylic acid or hot melt adhesive can help raise service life. However, dispensing and its curing, can add additional labor and production cycle.

Of course, you can use the automatic dispensing machine, but you must be very carefully with assembly engineer to work together, to ensure that the assembly after the completion of the plastic beads won’t fall down. In some cases, even if is time-consuming, expensive, and must be manually glue. Either way, you’ll need for the assembly personnel provide clear instruction manual.

3, reinforcing plate and terminals

If not with hard board assembly, flexible circuit terminals are usually connected to the connector. In this case, the terminal part can add reinforcement plate. Reinforcement plate material is more thick polyimide or more FR – 4. In general, it is helpful to the flexible plate pressure to the rigid board.

4, the makeup

Plate is in the process of welding, soft hard couple together. We placed components and welding on the rigid plate parts. Some products need to be flexible plate of welding components, in this case, the flexible plate below keep hard board, used to support the flexible plate. Rigid plate do not stick them together with the flexible plate, and use can control the depth of milling cutter milling out the outline of it. When the welding is completed, the workers can put it down by hand.