FPC is also called flexible circuit board, flexible circuit board, soft board, soft circuit board and so on. The number of flexible circuit boards can be more than 100 lines, but the thickness can be 0.13mm, and the number of circuits of an FPC can be more than 100, but only occupy the thickness of 0.2mm. It’s more expensive than wiring, but it’s especially popular in today’s volume-driven smart devices. Such as mobile phones, smart watches and so on

We will focus on the welding type of flexible circuit board gold finger design skills method.

Design is the most critical part of hardware product quality

Advantages of welding flexible circuit boards

FPC welding, can save 2 board to board connectors, or save 1 Zif plug connector, save 1-2 yuan of cost.

Therefore, welding FPC is adopted in many low-end products. Manual welding, faster than machine – mounted.

A well-welded FPC, in addition to being cheaper than a connector, is also sturdier than a connector: the weld is definitely firmer than a buckle.

The disadvantage is that the welding area is larger than the connector and the maintenance is more complicated.

Double gold finger + tin hole

Although there is only one layer for goldfinger, FPC’s goldfinger cannot be made with only one layer.

FPC is a non-metallic substrate and is slow in heat transfer. If you have only one layer of gold fingers, it is difficult to weld them by hand without transferring heat from the iron.

In the same way, holes are made in the solder pad to transfer heat and allow molten solder to flow between the upper and lower layers