PCB is the necessary circuit carrier of all electronic products and an important basic component in the electronic industry. To a certain extent, the development level of PCB industry reflects the development speed and technical level of a country or region’s electronic information industry.
Steady development of global PCB market scale
With the development of PCB downstream application market, smart phones, tablet computers and other electronic products to large-scale integration, lightweight, high intelligence direction, PCB market demand is also growing. In recent years, the overall development of the global PCB market is stable. In addition to the decline in 2008-2009 due to the impact of the global financial crisis, the global PCB output value maintains an overall growth trend. In 2018, the global PCB output value was US $63.550 billion, an increase of 8.00% over 2017. It is estimated that the output value of global PCB manufacturing industry will reach 68 billion US dollars by 2021.
From the global market share, the main source of global PCB industry in the 2000 was concentrated in the United States (26.10%), Europe (16.10%), Japan (28.70%), Taiwan, China (Korea), and so on. The proportion of Chinese mainland PCB output was only 8.10%. By 2018, the PCB output value of Chinese mainland has exceeded half of the world’s output value.
Analysis of domestic PCB market scale
In the past decade, China’s PCB manufacturing industry has developed rapidly with its advantages in labor, resources, policies, industrial agglomeration and so on. At present, it has become the largest PCB production base in the world. In the 2008-2018 years, the output value of Chinese mainland PCB manufacturing industry increased from US $15 billion 37 million to US $32 billion 600 million, which accounted for 51.30% of the total global output value in 2018. In the 2008-2018 years, the PCB output value of Chinese mainland increased by 116.80%, and the compound growth rate of 8.05% was significantly higher than that of the global PCB output value of 2.77%. It is estimated that the output value will reach 37.052 billion US dollars in 2021.
Development prospects
In the future, in the environment of China’s 5g communication, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, industry 4.0, Internet of things and other emerging technologies accelerating penetration, PCB industry, as a connecting force in the whole electronic information manufacturing industry chain, will enter a new cycle of technology and products. With the increasing market demand of high-end PCB products such as multilayer board, HDI board, flexible board and IC carrier board, the production equipment of China’s PCB manufacturing enterprises also need to be updated. On the one hand, it provides a good market opportunity for direct imaging equipment, on the other hand, it also provides a favorable market opportunity for China’s direct imaging equipment to realize “domestic substitution”.