Flexible waterproof casing – rigid waterproof casing – process and appearance
The rigid waterproof sleeve is the main body of the steel pipe plus wing ring and sleeve. The ring made of steel plate is sleeved on the steel pipe and installed in the wall. It is mostly concrete wall, which is used for general pipeline passing through the wall, which is conducive to the waterproof of the wall. If only the through wall of the pipeline is considered, and the waterproof performance of both sides of the wall and the displacement and deformation of the pipeline after passing through the wall are not considered, the rigid waterproof casing can be selected. Rigid waterproof casing is generally used in the basement and other places where the pipeline needs to pass through the pipeline. The flexible waterproof casing shall be made according to the size of the atlas. After the casing is processed, the outer wall of the casing shall be painted with primer (primer includes Zhangdan or cold primer), and the outer anti-corrosion shall be determined by the design. The thickness of flexible waterproof casing wing ring and casing shall meet the specification requirements. Both sides of the wing ring of the casing shall be fully welded on both sides, and the weld shall be full, flat, smooth, without slag inclusion, bubble, crack, etc. After the flexible waterproof casing is manufactured, processed and formed, it is necessary to spray anti-corrosion materials on the surface and inner wall, first for beauty and second for preventing corrosion from affecting the service life.