The environmental protection mechanical treatment method is to use the circuit board recycling equipment to deal with these waste circuit boards. The mechanical equipment solution method is to crush the waste circuit board into fine particles, and then realize the separation method according to the difference in physical properties, which generally includes crushing, grinding, sorting and other processing technologies.
So people began to look for a green way to deal with waste circuit boards – a series of equipment for physical recycling, completely pollution-free. This series of equipment together called waste circuit board recycling equipment. It can not only deal with the waste circuit board, also can bring high economic benefits – electrical components on the circuit board and a variety of precious metals is value, but how to disassemble electrical components is a problem, the artificial disassemble time-consuming, laborious and circuit boards and dismantling machine was born, and it can be disassembled circuit boards of various electrical components, reduce the manpower cost. The efficiency of pulse dust removal equipment set in circuit board recovery equipment is up to 99.9%. High voltage electrostatic separator makes the separation of metal and resin and other non-metallic materials more fine and reasonable, which not only effectively controls the loss of non-ferrous metals, but also enables the non-metallic materials to be reasonably used, and the separation rate of metals is up to more than 99%. The complete production line of equipment is equipped with Bridges and guardrails, which is convenient for maintenance personnel to monitor and maintain the equipment in real time. The hydraulic system is set up for the waste and broken equipment to facilitate the replacement of wearing parts and improve the working efficiency.

How to recycle used circuit boards? With the rapid development of China’s electronic industry, the elimination rate of waste electronic products, household appliances, etc., is getting faster and faster. At the same time, a large amount of waste electronic waste is produced, including our theme “circuit board” today. So, what is the use of these old circuit boards, and how to recycle them?

The people found a discarded circuit board production line, it made up by a series of machine work, waste circuit board into the circuit board and dismantling machine after dismantling the electrical components, the rest of the material after three consecutive broken into metal and resin fiber powder mixture, and then by airflow and electrostatic separator sorting out copper powder and resin powder. Dust removal will be carried out before air flow and electrostatic separator. These are the principles of waste circuit board recycling equipment, which is mainly used for circuit board, copper clad board, circuit board and other scraps.