Electrolytic capacitor symbol problem?

How do you look at the positive and negative electrodes of this electrolytic capacitor?

a ball on the board, divided into two, half black and half white


If there is no black, the white is usually the negative.

Half black and half white, black is negative

Capacitance symbol

2. Two wires are connected to two closely spaced and substantially parallel metal plates, such as iron plates.

The simplest capacitor is made. The two iron plates are the electrodes of the capacitor. The closer the two electrodes are, or the larger the area of the iron plate, the larger the capacity of the capacitor.

The simplest capacitor symbol is to draw two leads on two parallel lines.

The following are schematic symbols for various capacitors:

1 basic capacitance symbol, such as ceramic capacitor, electrolytic capacitor, mica capacitor, film capacitor

2-6 has a polar capacitor, electrolytic capacitor symbol, the bent piece is the negative pole, and the hollow is the positive pole

7 adjustable capacitor symbol 8 trimmer capacitor symbol

Of course there are some other styles, but the difference is not big.