In real life, as a girl? Well, nowadays most girls like to call themselves guys… But a failure of electrical appliances in the home but do not know how to start is not a face of cute, especially in the family in the main position of our mother and the future of us, ha ha, you say don’t understand the point nails, rotor, hammer, how can? Electrical problems must be dismantled repair repair, this time really hate yourself is not born engineering!

Home appliances broke down and went to a repair shop. I couldn’t understand what they were saying. Get ripped off by a store hundreds of times or more. No way?

At this moment also can hope, because don’t understand, also can’t say why, listen to next door Lao wang say: “estimate is circuit board burn out, change a new”, “integrated block is broken, change a new”… What what is new, feel their own wallet is not their own!

Now would like to know everything, at least at the time of problems can be simple, there is no way to repair shop, of course, is not to say that you want to go to master all knowledge of engineering, however, the most basic electrical problems would be intolerable because of be affected with damp be affected with damp, oxidation, corrosion lead to poor contact, lighter socket, electrical leakage problems, isn’t it?

Today, I will first talk about this kind of engineering knowledge, and teach you to easily master a new trick, try hundred times, learn is to earn oh!

The most important electrical circuit is the circuit board, the circuit board is the most basic carrier of electrical appliances, is an important electronic components, it is the skeleton platform of electronic components and circuit connection, we compare the electronic circuit to the circuit board nerve vein, electrical contact head (point) is the ganglion.

For home appliances and personal electrical appliances, should be able to better adapt to a variety of use environment, resist moisture, corrosion, air pollution and temperature of the change of the high bottom, the common method is on the circuit board coating three anti paint (anti moisture, anti salt fog, anti mold) to prevent electrical damp and corrosion after bringing a lot of problems.

However, we search on the Internet, found that the three anti – paint has great limitations. First of all, the three anti-paint is a high insulation material, once used improperly, it will affect the normal conduction of many electrical connectors in the electrical appliances, secondly, the three anti-paint affects heat dissipation, can only be coated in the heat dissipation requirements are not high place, and then, the three anti-paint can not be used in high frequency, sensitive devices, so as not to affect its high frequency characteristics.

Do not apply anti-paint to the place

1. High power components with cooling surface or radiator, power resistor, power diode, cement resistor.

2. Dial code switch, adjustable resistance, buzzer, battery holder, fuse holder (tube), IC holder, light touch switch.

3. All types of sockets, pins, terminals and DB heads.

4, plug or stick type led, digital tube.

5. Other parts and devices that are not allowed to use insulating paint as specified in the drawing.

6. The screw hole of the circuit board card shall not be painted with three anti-paint.

Yes, although anti-corrosion paint good insulation properties to solve some circuit board under the condition of damp, salt fog growth mould, corrosion and other issues, but like a housewife into TianGuo bowl gourd ladle touch joy person, said don’t want to get the solder joint with a torch, then check whether the circuit conduction, and then weld back, and then in the welding place coated anti-corrosion paint. But is there a better way to get what we want quickly and conveniently? OK, I would like to present a brilliant idea for you is: with the “electronic skin” easy care of electrical appliances.

This electronic skin but power is huge, always 3 prevent lacquer to cannot enter place, it can take all, and it still can make the insulation performance of electric appliance insulation part is better, make the conduction property of conduction part is better, all sorts of home appliance “suffer from” “have a headache head is hot” the fault can gout namely except!

Yes, you did not read wrong, three protective paint can not be applied to the place, the electronic skin can be sprayed, you say magic is not magic? Actually electronic product is the most crucial and the place that needs to protect most, suffer environmental harm the weakest place is report to contact a point exactly, face this together however 3 prevent lacquer to be far behind however.